Yankees Red Sox Rivalry

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Yankees Red Sox Rivalry

In October of last year, I wrote Red Sox or Yankees Evil Empire? where I pondered who indeed was the "true" Evil Empire - the Yankees or the Red Sox. I was surprised at the plethora of comments posted to this blog entry. In my last comment to this blog entry posted December 21, 2004, I said, "Enjoy your 2004 championship <Red Sox>. And if the Red Sox average continues, you only have to wait until 2090 for the next World Series championship."

Last night the rivalry was renewed at Yankee Stadium, which the announcers deemed "Game 8 of the LCS" , and which resulted in the Yankees crushing the Red Sox 9-2. During the game, I enjoyed one of the fan's signs that read "1918-2004-2090" which reiterated my December 21st comment that if the Red Sox hold true to form, their next championship will be in 2090 (86 years).

Apparently, some of my pro-Yankees comments weren't taken too kindly by at least one Red Sox fan as I see one "death threat" in the comments section of my blog posted last night threatening, "If i find out who you are and i see you on the street i will kill you." I guess he/she was sore loser last night and decided to Google "yankees evil empire" and low and behold came to my blog entry where his/her beloved Red Sox are deemed the Evil Empire by me.

C'mon, death threats? Get a grip. It's a game. It's the job of every fan to root for their favorite team and even make fun of the opposing teams' fans, but to make death threats? Red Sox fans are some of the most baseball savvy/intelligent fans in baseball and the best you can do is make threats? Considering the Red Sox are the reigning champions, I would have expected the Red Sox fans to taunt the Yankees as Game 7 chokers and razz the Yankees by stating "We are the champs." Instead I get this immature comment posted to my blog, which I will leave online just to show the maturity level of some baseball fans.

Instead of stating how "great" the Red Sox are, some Red Sox fans continue to say the Yankees suck. It's "Yankees suck" first and "We're the World Champions" second. The Red Sox fans may have a championship banner last year, but their attitude still hasn't changed. Maybe if the Red Sox get a few more banners they'll stop focusing on the Yankees and more on their own accomplishments. Ain't the greatest rivalry in all of sports grand?

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