Plantronics Discovery 665 Review

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Plantronics Discovery 665 Review

The Plantronics Discovery 665 is Plantronics' latest and greatest Bluetooth headset, which is essentially an update to the Plantronics 640, 645, and 655 headset line. The Plantronics Discovery 665 headset is essentially a 655 with "AudioIQ" added - an intelligent digital sound enhancement to improve the sound quality. Plantronics Discovery 665 headsetPlantronics sent VoIP & Gadgets blog a 655 eval headset to review. The first feature of the 665 that I noticed was that it had this cool cylinder pod for inserting the Bluetooth headset into when charging via USB. The shape was eerily similar to that of lipstick, except I guess in this case, you put the 665 on your ear not your lips. It also comes with a car-charger adapter, with a nice 180 degree rotatable elbow joint, and an easy to mount/dismount connector right on top. This is nice, since you can quickly dock the Discovery 665 into the car charger and remove it just as quickly when leaving the car. Also, the 665 uses the latest version of Bluetooth v2.0.

I should mention that just the sleek look of the Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth headset makes it an awesome conversation piece. Since Bluetooth headset devices are a "fashion statement", this could be a critical buying decision factor. Pairing with Bluetooth devices was very easy using Plantronics QuickPair technology. I was able to very quickly register the 665 with several mobile phones. Like it's predecessor the 655, the 665 has three large easy-to-use buttons including a call-control button that doubles as a power and pairing button, and up/down volume buttons. To pair the headset you simply hold the call-control button for 10 seconds to go into pairing mode. Then you discover the headset using your mobile phone (you will see “6xxPlantronics” on most phones) and enter “0000” as the default pass code.

Plantronics Discovery 665 review Headset box
Plantronics Discovery 665 Box (used USB camera, so excuse the quality)

Unfortunately, the 665 doesn't feature Plantronics Multipoint technology, such as in the Plantronics Voyager 510, which I also tested. The Multipoint technology lets you seemlessly switch between two Bluetooth devices. However, most users only register the headset to one mobile phone anyway. Also, it does support multiple pairings, you just can't quicky toggle between two BT devices. Also, in my experience testing the two review headsets, the voice quality is better on the 665 than the 510, probably due to the AudioIQ technology.

As I mentioned, what's unique about the Plantronics 665 is the AudioIQ digitally enhanced sound, which Plantronics claims improves the sound quality experience on both ends of the call. During my tests, including in a car with the windows down, the sound quality was excellent. The response time it takes for the 665 headset to pickup from the phone is faster also than the Plantronics 510 headset.

Plantronics 665 Discovery Headset unboxed
Plantronics Discovery 665 "Unboxed"

When you have the Discovery 665 connected to the car charger or the USB "lipstick" cylinder, the 665 headset itself will flash red while charging and turn off when fully charged. Similarly, when you are using the 665, it will flash red 3 times if greater than 2/3 battery charge, flash red 2 times if 1/3 to 2/3 battery charge, and just one red flash if less than 1/3rd battery charge. This is very useful to know the current battery life left.

There's also a call indicator light that will flash purple very rapidly when the phone is ringing - certainly useful when blasting your car stereo! If you miss a call, the Discovery 665 headset will flash purple every 5 seconds. I was able to cancel this alert simply by pressing any button. Another nice usability feature is the ability to redial the last number simply by double-pressing the call control button. Of course, mute is available along with the usual volume control buttons. The 665 was very comfortable, probably due to the fact it only weighs 9 grams (1/3 ounce), and it comes with three soft silicone gel ear tips and an optional ear stabilizer loop. Unlike the 655, the 665 has one less charging option, since it doesn't include an A/C adaptor. This may be an issue for some, though I learned that the 655 A/C adaptor works on the 665.
Plantronics 665 Headset components
Plantronics Discovery 665 Components

Features / Specs for the Plantronics Discovery 665 (Model 71890-01)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery via USB cable or car adaptor pod (both included)
  • Bluetooth Version 2.0
  • Supports Headset and hands-free profiles
  • Up to 3.5 Hours Talk Time
  • 80 Hours Standby time
  • 33 Feet Range
  • Headset weighs 9 Grams
  • AudioIQ technology improves the experience on both ends of the call
  • Sleek, stylish design for discreet connectivity
  • Slick and unique vehicle power charger "pod" with call indicator light
  • QuickPair technology for fast, easy pairing with Bluetooth devices, such as cellphones
Overall, I was very pleased with the Plantronics Discovery 665 headset (available on Amazon). The sound quality and noice reduction improvements due to the AudioIQ DSP technology, the sleek and lightweight design make the 665 an excellent Bluetooth headset choice. It also has the "coolness" factor going for it. You can buy a Plantronics Discovery 665 on Amazon pretty cheap - less than $62 last I checked.

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