Massachusetts Miracle in the Making

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Massachusetts Miracle in the Making

Came across a patriotic video that will have your patriotic heart soaring - at least for the first 42 seconds. After that, how you view this video depends on how you view the current Obama administration. The premise of the video is how on April, 19, 1775 Americans first fought the British in 'the shot heart round the world'. The battle took place in Massachusetts and marked the start of the Revolutionary War to throw off the British monarchy and tyranny.

Well, fast forward to today, and once again Massachusetts is at the center of the battle between more government control (national healthcare) and less government control. If Republican Scott Brown wins (he's surged ahead by 4 now), then he becomes the 41st Senator and will be able to filibuster President Obama's nationalized health care plans (aka Obamacare). A Republican winning in Massachusetts would be like the cursed Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. It just doesn't happen. This would be earth-shattering news.

How you view Obama's national healthcare plans might affect how you view this video, so I'll give you the exact censor point to shield yourself from being offended.

Democrats / pro-national healthcare  - watch the first 42 seconds then close your browser
Republicans / libertarians/ anti-national healthcare  - watch the whole thing

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