Massachusetts Miracle in the Making

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Massachusetts Miracle in the Making

Came across a patriotic video that will have your patriotic heart soaring - at least for the first 42 seconds. After that, how you view this video depends on how you view the current Obama administration. The premise of the video is how on April, 19, 1775 Americans first fought the British in 'the shot heart round the world'. The battle took place in Massachusetts and marked the start of the Revolutionary War to throw off the British monarchy and tyranny.

Well, fast forward to today, and once again Massachusetts is at the center of the battle between more government control (national healthcare) and less government control. If Republican Scott Brown wins (he's surged ahead by 4 now), then he becomes the 41st Senator and will be able to filibuster President Obama's nationalized health care plans (aka Obamacare). A Republican winning in Massachusetts would be like the cursed Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. It just doesn't happen. This would be earth-shattering news.

How you view Obama's national healthcare plans might affect how you view this video, so I'll give you the exact censor point to shield yourself from being offended.

Democrats / pro-national healthcare  - watch the first 42 seconds then close your browser
Republicans / libertarians/ anti-national healthcare  - watch the whole thing

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Feedback for Massachusetts Miracle in the Making


I'm a Democrat from New Hampshire and I voted for Obama (regrettably). Wish I could vote in this election. I'd vote for Scott Brown. Martha Coaxley is an idiot and an Obama tool to boot.

Can't wait till Obamacare goes down in flames. My party has left me. Way too socialist. I'm now an independent.

What ever happened to professionalism? You just don't use a "VoIP and Gadgets" blog to sell a political point of view using a veiled attempt at bipartisanship.

Never once did I think to myself, "hey, self, do yo think Tom Keating is a winger with an agenda?". Want to know why? Because Tom Keating used to be a blogger about "VoIP and Gadgets" and used to have a slot on my feed reader.

Seriously, politics doesn't belong here.

If you're going to mix politics and business, you might as well tell the full story of hot button issues, such as Brown being an anti-abortion, pro-corporate, pro-war candidate. (The corporate and war stances, by the way, being Obama-supported positions.)

Also, if Brown wins, this just means that the Democrats go to a legislative procedure that gets rid of the filibuster, shuts out the Republicans completely and produces an even worse healthcare bill based solely on the Senate bill. Whereas if Coakley wins, they will continue deliberations to negotiate between the House and Senate bills. Neither are great options, but if your top concern is voting against a bad healthcare bill, it will actually be worse if Brown gets elected in terms of middle-class tax burden and handouts to drug companies. But, hey, why let reality get in the way of a shiny commercial and partisan politics?

MA voters are between a rock and a hard place choosing between a couple of mediocrities who have little to no substantive experience in effectively supporting meaningful legislation. But don't pretend that voting for Brown will actually prevent this healthcare bill from being passed. It's more likely that it will lead to increasingly polarizing actions from the Democrats that lead to the future complete marginalization of the minority party of the House and Senate in the short run.

Can someone identify the background music in the Massachusetts Miracle video?

I"ve been looking for it-contacted Hans Zimmer because it sounds like music from Batman Begins and Dark Knight but was told he didn't write. I contacted Scott Brown's office and was told it just popped up on YouTube. It may have never run on tv at all.

Come on, SOMEBODY'S gotta know what this music is!!!!

Incredibly, INCREDIBLY powerful!!!!

PLEASE, if anyone knows what this is, pls post it!

Somebody told me "Conan the Barbarian" but I don't think that's it.

did you find out what the music is?? I would like to know too.

Roger / Anyone -

No, I have not yet found out what this music is. I e-mailed the video's producer, Mr. Jeff Davis, who works for "mnmajoritydotorg" and asked him what the music was and, regrettably, he said he doesn't remember, that he just grabbed something that fit off of YouTube. I asked him to check his PC history and he said it was wiped clean already. He did say it was one complete, unedited song (other than the gunshots/yelling in the first few seconds was added in by him).

I've heard people suggest "Conan the Barbarian", "The Last Mohegian (Mohican)", "V for Vendetta" and various "Batman" movies. Someone else said that they recognized it from a musical montage of Australia's first episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" but no musical credit was given to it on the show.

I'd think the best bet would be to e-mail the producers of Australia's "So You Think You Can Dance" show and ask them or to search for various movie soundtrack fan sites and ask them to help identify it.


The music, for those interested, is one of many arrangements of "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell. has an entry that lists some of the places where the piece is performed. However, it seems that this particular arrangement is called Requiem for a Tower. Go here to buy the track:

I sent the link to ASCAP to see if they could identify it. Sounds like it's from a movie but I've listed to quite a few (Lord of the Rings, Mohicans, lots of Hans Zimmer compositions) and nothing fits exactly.

the music we're looking for is not Lux Aeterna-sounds similar but don't think it's the one

Jack -

What is ASCAP? (posting here in case you don't see my other post on the washingtonexaminerdotcom site)

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Jack Selber / anyone interested in the music used in the "Massachusetts Miracle" video....

It's by "Audiomachine", a music production facility for commercial film promotions. This track is from their Platinum Series III album, "Eterna". The track is "Beyond Good and Evil". YES, this is IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supposedly it is not commercially available but I just started to look for it on the web.

Special thanks to "lewko1" who posted the answer to this myster on YouTube!!!!!!!!

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