Today's NY Times Headline Misses Scott Brown Victory?

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Today's NY Times Headline Misses Scott Brown Victory?

I was looking forward to reading the post-election analysis from my copy of the NY Times left outside my Miami hotel room. But alas, the headline reads "A Supermajority in the Balance - Massachusetts voters went to the polls Tuesday to select a successor to Edward M. Kennedy, in a race that could deprive Democrats of a 60th Senate vote. Page A12. Results at"

Huh? The election results were known sometime between 8:30pm-9pm last night with Martha Coakley conceding. That's pretty early in the evening, so I'm surprised the NY Times wasn't able to get the story published before they went to press. If I was a right wingnut, I might claim liberal bias by The New York Times.

Perhaps the NY Times edition for Miami is printed up in New York and then flown down. Though, I would think in our digital age, it would be cheaper for the NY Times to digitize the newspaper and print it locally down here in Florida than flying down heavy newspapers. Not very green if you ask me and a HUGE carbon footprint! Anyone got a copy of today's NY Times in the Northeast area? What's the headline? Post a comment.

Here's the headline from my newspaper:

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Feedback for Today's NY Times Headline Misses Scott Brown Victory?


Don't feel bad Tom. Same thing with my Wall Street Journal. I live in upstate NY (Binghamton area) and was looking forward to the coverage--but no stories about the election from last night. I expect they print the "outer reaches" editions well in advance.

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