Watch out for Metallic Objects in IP Phones! You Could Get Hurt!

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Watch out for Metallic Objects in IP Phones! You Could Get Hurt!

I've tested, used, and reviewed many Polycom phones over the years, but apparently I never noticed or received this warning letter with these phones. Check out this ridiculousness:

With respect to section of the Australian Communications Authority as Telecommunications Technical Standard AS/ACIF S004 2004 under the s376 of the Telecommunications Act 1997:

You should be aware that, under certain operating conditions, the handset earpiece may retain small metallic objects. If this occurs, these objects should be removed before using the handset.

Really? Seriously? time-out You have to warn users that the handset earpiece may contain small metallic objects (metal shavings?) and should be removed before using it?

a) The handset is made of smooth plastic, so any metallic shavings or objects should slide right off.
b) If loose metallic objects are internal to the handset, then won't they likely stay there?
c) Even if loose objects fall out through the ear piece's opening, who the heck grinds the handset into their ear that would cause an injury and merit a warning?
d) If you're idiotic enough to pick up something and stick it on your ear without noticing metal objects on the earpiece... well, perhaps you deserve sharp metal pricks to your ear - a little smack to the head too I might add. silly-me-smack-head
e) People pay good money to pierce their ears and wear metallic objects on their ears. They should thank Polycom for the free ear decoration! smiley-tongue-out

Here's a photo I took of the warning:

I thought the United States was over-regulated and overly litigious (McDonald's hot coffee), but Australia just took the prize! eye-rolling Tort reform never looked so good...

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