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P2P or ENUM Saves Vonage?

May 11, 2007

We've been down this road before with claims of a Vonage workaround to get past the Verizon patent issue, only to have our hopes dashed. But now word comes today late yesterday from Bloomberg that Vonage has a patent workaround that could save its VoIP service from being shutdown over the Verizon patent litigation. Apparently its new technology can be installed through software downloads and shouldn't be costly to deploy, according to Jeffrey Citron, CEO of Vonage.

"We will begin rolling these workarounds out shortly, hopefully in the next few weeks, and we believe they will work," Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Citron said on a conference call today.

I would really like to know how a software download helps bypass the Verizon patents and why didn't Vonage think of this before?

pbxnsip CS 410 IP-PBX review

May 8, 2007

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of a TMC Labs review of the SIP-based pbxnsip CS 410 IP-PBX appliance, which is scheduled for review within Internet Telephony Magazine. As hinted at within the review, the trend towards low-cost IP-PBX appliances <$1000 is quite apparent, which is good news for the SMB market looking for a cost-effective phone system replacement that has advanced VoIP functionality. Enjoy the review! And be sure to check out my full review of the pbxnsip standalone software, which runs on Windows and Linux.

1600 Osgood St
Bldg 20 Suite 223
North Andover
MA 01845
Ph: 978-746-2777
Web site:

Price: $999

Installation: 5
Documentation: 4.5
Features: 4.75
GUI: 4.75
Overall: A
TMC Labs got an exclusive peek at pbxnsip's CS 410 IP-PBX "all-in-one" appliance, which features a “mini” Session Border Controller(SBC) , built-in 4 analog (FXO) PSTN ports, voicemail & auto attendant, as well as support for up to 10 SIP-based IP stations (hardphones, softphones) and supports up to 10 simultaneous calls.

Attend TMC's Communications Developer Conference and Win $10 Grand!

May 7, 2007

Rich Tehrani points out a cool $10,000 developer contest being announced at TMC's Communications Developer show. Rich says, "The contest will be formerly announced next week at the Communications Developer Conference and you have until July 31st, 2007 to submit your application. The winner will be announced at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo this September in Los Angeles, CA." The contest is sponsored by Voxbone, but you can read more about it here, on Rich's blog.

Unfortunately, I won't be at the Communications Developer show, since Rich (my boss in case you didn't know) is keeping me busy testing products for TMC Labs. In fact, I just finished up a review of a cool Linux-based VoIP appliance. No, it's not the Digium's Asterisk Appliance and no, it's not Fonality's trixbox appliance either.

Microsoft tells me "Yoohoo. I'll make you famous"

May 7, 2007

Microsoft's PR rep recently emailed me with the following:

Subject: Tom , Didn't Realize You Had 'Gone Hollywood'

I just heard a commercial for a new blockbuster movie coming out this spring called "Breaking VoIP Barriers" — Produced by Microsoft Unified Communications — and it's starring someone named Tom !!

Have you 'gone Hollywood' in your spare time... without telling any of us?!?!

To hear the movie trailer (it's really funny), click:

Yes, it's true - Microsoft and I have been secretly working on a movie production and I have the starring role.

VoIP Patents run amok

April 2, 2007

We have all been following the various VoIP patent lawsuits. From the Rates Technology vs. Google Talk lawsuit, to Apple vs Cisco iPhone lawsuit, Verizon vs. Vonage patent infringement and many more.

Jaxtr Launches Public Beta

March 19, 2007

Jaxtr tomorrow will launch the public beta (previously a private beta) of their service that brings voice to social networks and blogs. You can now sign up to receive a free jaxtr account that links your mobile or landline phones with your online blog or social networking website. You simply add their jaxtr widget to your online profile or blog, which allows users to hear from callers worldwide while keeping their existing phone numbers private. Jaxtr currently works with many popular social networks and communities, including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Craigslist, eBay, LiveJournal, and Blogger.

Fonality's trixbox appliance Part 2

March 19, 2007

Fonality's release of their Linux-based trixbox appliance certainly is creating some buzz in the Asterisk community. According to Fonality, the trixbox appliance has the following features:

  • The appliance comes with a 4-port network card, so (just like the Digium appliance) you can do your office networking on it.
  • It comes pre-loaded with the trixbox software – which saves you time
  • It comes with two 80GB hard drives so it has lots of storage (the Digium appliance comes with 1 1GB flash drive).
  • The appliance comes with a powerful Intel processor (vs.

Verizon VoiceWing VoIP FiOS service

March 2, 2007

Verizon has partnered with OpenPeak to create a new all-in-one voice, data, and video center for the home riding on top of Verizon's FiOS (fiber) service along with Ethernet and WiFi capabilities. Dubbed the Verizon One, this all-in-one communications device will allow users to make VoIP phone calls, access email, search the web, view a calendar, stream music from the web, and even preview images from a digital camera. Here's a photo of the Verizon One:

Unfortunately, the Web browsing experience is tad limited, since you can only get specific Web content that Verizon has enabled. Some of the approved web content includes categories such as news, weather, and movie listings.

(Extreme) FreeStyle Audio: I Like It

February 21, 2007

Now there are MP3 players and there are MP3 players. Been playing around with Freestyle Audio's DMP for a little while, and I like it. Here's my review - Built especially for extreme sports use, it's a great unit that can take the abuse that those sports -- and teens and pre-teens -- throw at it.

(That's the real life, out of the lab test.)

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC card

February 12, 2007

SanDisk today introduced a 4 gigabyte (GB) microSD High Capacity (SDHC) card, which is now was the largest capacity of the world's smallest removable flash memory card format. A 4GB microSDHC card can store more than 1,000 digital songs or more than 2,000 high-resolution pictures or up to 8 hours of MPEG 4 video. Can't wait to review one of these - I be in need of some serious storage. SanDisk made the announcement at 3GSM World Congress 2007, where it is demonstrating it's latest products.
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