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About Me

August 31, 2004

Welcome to my VoIP & Gadget Blog. My name is Tom Keating and I've been in telecom/datacom since 1994 when I joined Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a publisher of VoIP news, call center & CRM news, as well as other telecom information. My interests in computers started at the age of 12 in 1982. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) and I subscribed to Rainbow Magazine which covered the CoCo. Growing up a computer geek, I pursued computer science in college and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

In 1995 my boss, Rich Tehrani offered me a new challenge - create a labs that tests CTI Computer Telephony Integration), the precursor to VoIP, as well as call center products, and other telecom products for TMC's magazines.

Pingtel drops hardware and goes all open source

August 17, 2004

It was only a matter of time before Pingtel switched to a completely 100% software company. (See: Pingtel Completes Strategic Transition with Sale of Its Award-Winning xpressa Desktop Phone Product Line)

First, let me state that I've always loved Pingtel's VoIP phones which include a very cool LCD display with the ability to run Java applets. In fact, their vision was that users could access the phonebook on the LCD display, lookup a local pizzeria, and even be "pushed" a coupon for a discount or special.

But the high pricetag on the Pingtel phones as well as competition from Cisco and other VoIP phones that also often had LCD displays took some of the competitive advantage away from Pingtel.

Is Firefox hotter than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

August 1, 2004

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about Firefox. No, this is not a plug for the 1982 Firefox movie starring Clint Eastwood.

Speaking of Clint Eastwood, if I may sidetrack for a moment; I read recently in a Forbes article titled "How Clint Eastwood Rouses Guys' Love Hormone" that watching a Clint Eastwood movie can actually raise your testosterone levels. (Bridges of Madison County excluded) Don't believe me?

SIPphone vs. Skype

June 11, 2004

Review: SIPphone

I'm a fan of ExtremeTech's website - they're got some great artiles and reviews - but they're latest comparison review of Skype vs. SIPphone leaves a lot to be desired.

The reviews of both Skype and SIPphone were OK, but they made a major mistake by stating on this link, "You can't use the SIPphone to call a regular landline or cell phone, you can only call other SIPphones."

This isn't true, as the SIPphone CAN dial landline (PSTN) numbers including cell phones. You just have to buy prepaid "SIP minutes" from the SIPphone website.

GPS Navigation Rules!

April 9, 2004

I'm a huge fan of GPS. I've got a Compaq iPaq PocketPC mounted to my windshield using a suction cub device connected to a Destinator GPS antenna ( and running Destinator 3.0 GPS software/maps. They license the same maps used by Mapquest from a company called NavTech. So whether you've cursed Mapquest for improper directions or thanked the Almighty for the convenience of Mapquest, will determine how accurate you think Destinator's maps are. Actually, in my opinion, the Destinator maps are quite good and they include POIs (Points of Interest) categories that include gas, restaurants, casinos, shopping, airports, and more.

Google goes after Hotmail

April 1, 2004

Wow, as a "free" Hotmail user myself, I was shocked to learn that Google is launching a "free" email service of its own that puts Hotmail's 2mb "free" limit to shame! No more deleting spam email on Hotmail every 30 minutes just so I can receive more email. You ever wonder if Microsoft purposely fills the spam folder or sells our hotmail addresses? ok, maybe that's just conspiracy talk.

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