Satellite Radio a Threat to Music Biz?

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Satellite Radio a Threat to Music Biz?

Funny how the music business can't get out of its own way when it comes to making music affordable and accessible to the millions of fans that keep record companies alive.  First we waited and waited for CD prices to come down once the production volume increased and manufacturing kinks were worked out -- that never happened over the 20+ history of the CD.

Then, they worried and worried that these digital CDs would be copied endlessly (perfect clones every time!) so that rather than sell a million copies of an album, one fan would buy one CD and then a million copies would be made. (See Sony's latest woes and damage to its brand as only the latest example of where this copy protection idea has led.)  

Next, when the Internet took off, Napster and other sites made it possible to download music for free while the record companies scratched their heads about how to fashion a business model that included the Internet.  (Is this Nero fiddling while Rome burned?)

Now with satellite radio from companies like XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio still trying to gain traction, these same labels (although now consolidated into a few conglomerates) are concerned that satellite radio receivers will enable listeners to record music off of the airwaves, further reducing the labels' sales and profits. 

No one can argue about the benefit of hindsight in all of these situations, but maybe a little foresight might be a good thing for a change?

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