Shaw Communications sued for requiring QoS on VoIP

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Shaw Communications sued for requiring QoS on VoIP

Shaw Communications, which found itself in hot water with Vonage Canada after "hinting" to its subscribers that they must pay $10/month to "guarantee" VoIP QoS - is at it again! :@ This time Zingotel is suing Shaw Communications claiming the cable company refused to air a TV commercial promoting Zingotel's VoIP services. Yet again, one of TMC's own esteemed reporters, Johanne Torres has the scoop! Not to toot TMC's horn, but between Rich Tehrani, Greg Galitzine, myself, and several other TMC journalists, TMC covers VoIP better than anyone else - blogs, portal, tradeshows, etc. I've now been with TMC for 12 proud years and TMC just seems to get better and better along with hiring better talent.

Ok, enough of patting myself, my co-workers, and my company on the back. Let me give you a "teaser" from Johanne's article:

"It seems like Shaw Communications shady consumer acquisition practices keep getting the company in serious trouble. The company was just slammed with a $1.2 million lawsuit from U.S.-based VoIP provider ZingoTel claims that the Canadian cable operator refused to air a ZingoTel television ad because it promoted a competing VoIP-based calling service."

Check out the excellent article written by Johanne.

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