O-FONE Supports SIP on Symbian S60 mobile phone

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O-FONE Supports SIP on Symbian S60 mobile phone

O-FONE SIP client for Symbian phonesRich received an email from O-FONE claiming they are the "First s60 SIP Symbian client". I'm not so sure about being the "first" since Truphone has a SIP client for Symbian phones, so do Jajah & Fring -- and there are others I've come across as well. Buzz2talk, from Indtelesoft had a SIP client for Symbian phones with PTT (push-to-talk) functionality way back in 2004. Alas, when I try and go to Indtelesoft's website, it appears to be defunct.

Well they may not be "first", but I'll let that marketing faux paux pass and I'll share the news with you Symbian mobile phone fans so you can have another choice to "get your SIP on". The S60 support means you can use this SIP client on several Nokia phone models such as the Nokia E70, Nokia N81, Nokia N96, and more. Several Samsung phones such as the Samsung SGH-G810 and the Samsung SGH-i560 should also work.

Simply download & install O-FONE's free software to your phone and, as long as you have WiFi or 3G cellular data access, you can use O-FONE's low cost call termination. According to their website, "Calling other people using O-FONE is FREE (with Global plan only)". I'm going to assume "with Global only" means O-FONE SIP client for Symbian phonesyou have to be a paying customer. This seems a bit restrictive to me. AFAIK competitors such as Jajah grant you free calling to fellow users just by being a registered user and without forcing you to be a paying (Global plan) customer.

Nevertheless, having a SIP-enabled client native to the Symbian S60 phone is quite useful, especially if you make a lot of international phone calls. Go check them out.

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