XO Communications Offers SIP Savings Estimator Tool

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XO Communications Offers SIP Savings Estimator Tool

Today XO Communications launched their XO Enterprise SIP Savings Estimator, an online calculator to show users just how much money they can save by switching to SIP trunks. The online tool demonstrates how XO Enterprise SIP "Simplifies, Streamlines and Reduces Costs of Managing Voice Services Across Distributed Enterprise Networks".

It's a useful tool, though the calculator is a bit strict in its assumptions and doesn't provide the maximum flexibility. For instance, TMC is just a single location, yet the calculator forces you to pick at least 5 separate locations. The vast majority of businesses are single locations yet can still save a lot of money using SIP trunks by eliminating T1/PRI and/or analog lines. Thus, I'd like to see them modify the calculator accordingly.


The XO Enterprise SIP Savings Estimator tool provides a snapshot of potential savings by factoring in the number of employees, network locations and intra-company long distance calls. The tool also takes into consideration the multiple cost-savings benefits of XO Enterprise SIP, including increased network management efficiency and lowered operating costs as a result of reducing equipment, local voice trunks, long distance and multiple voice and data network charges.

"Now, more than ever, companies need to allocate their IT and network budgets as strategically as possible while still maintaining the highest standards of network quality and performance," said Mike Toplisek, chief marketing officer for XO Business Services at XO Communications. "This new Savings Estimator is an innovative tool that will enable enterprises to quickly and easily assess the potential cost-savings impact that XO Enterprise SIP can have on their bottom line."

To access the XO Enterprise SIP Savings Estimator, click here.

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Thanks for the review. I'll take your feedback to the developers re. the single location.


Ronan Keane.

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