Accutone USB500 Skype Ready VoIP Headset

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Accutone USB500 Skype Ready VoIP Headset

USB500 'Skype' USB headsetI just discovered an interesting new USB headset specifically designed for Skype called the Accutone USB500. On the headset's USB cord it has an in-line controller that lets you dial Skype, page up/down through Skype contacts, adjust the volume, popup the Skype client, mute Skype, and hang-up Skype - all without touching the keyboard! B)

It's also a stereo headset with good-sized 40mm speakers, perfect not just for Skype, but gaming with lots of bass as well.

It has an MSRP of $56.00

Here's a closer product shot:

Accutone USB500 Skype USB Headset

Here are the features:

• Comfortable leatherette ear cushions
• Noise canceling microphone with built-in wind screen
• Digital stereo sound with high fidelity 40mm speakers
• Echo Cancellation & Digital Signaling Technology
• Exclusive compact Skype in-line digital control unit
   Activates Skype features without touching the keyboard
   Digital volume and muting controls
   Answer incoming calls
   Disconnect call upon completion
• Digital volume and muting controls
• Online and muting status LED indication
• Comes in black or PC blue
• Acoustic shock protection circuitry
• Accutone Sound Experience & Skypemate software
• USB plug-&-play, Windows & MAC compatible
• Single-side cord for a tangle free binaural headset

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