Big Stage Adds Cool 3D Avatars to Skype

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Big Stage Adds Cool 3D Avatars to Skype

bigstage-blabber-skype.jpg Big Stage today announced that their popular 3D avatars based on pictures of your own face now works on Skype with their new Skype Add-on. It's similar in concept to JibJab, perhaps the most popular site to feature animated avatars based on your own face. However, Big Stage goes one step further with technology that lets you move, change expressions, and more. I downloaded the beta to check it out. Here's their demo video, but I hope to include one of myself soon:

Others trying to make 3D avatars popular include Gizmoz and Kloonies. Gizmoz also uses your own digital photo to create an avatar based on your own face, but according to Big State, it falls short compared to their technology. They use three photos to make a more accurate 3D representation of your face, where as Gizmos only uses one. Kloonies is a different model all together sine they use cartoonist 3D avatars that you pick from a list.

Pretty cool stuff! As I was quoted in the press release they put out:
"Blabber's advanced facial modeling and real-time animation makes voice over IP lots of fun," said Tom Keating, CTO, VP, Founder of TMC Labs. "It's a compelling example of the role the animated digital version of people will play as ever more advanced virtual world capabilities converge with voice and video in the connected online world."
"Through the launch of a Big Stage-enabled Skype plug-in, we're extending our advanced 3-D avatar technology into the realm of real-time expressive communications and further advancing our goal of projecting 'self' into digital life." said Big Stage CEO Phil Ressler. "The estimated 450 million people using Skype can have fun speaking as an ultra cool version of themselves instead of using chat, or substitute Blabber for video when for any reason they aren't ready to face their web-cam or need to conserve bandwidth. Blabber debuts our voice-sync engine, which we intend to leverage as we extend a similar capability into video games, virtual worlds, virtual conferencing, and social networks like Facebook."

You can download the Skype add-on here.

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