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IPEVO PoV Skype Camera

IPEVO PoV CameraIPEVO, makers of some cool Skype products, has a funky new Skype camera out. This telescopic camera looks like it can zoom in on far away objects. Like you know, the planets, the moon, Lana Lang your next door neighbor - that sort of thing.

Clark Spying Lana Telescope

The IPEVO PoV handheld webcam is being unveiled at the Taipei Computer Show. It's designed to simply aim at what you see to show others what you are seeing. I don't get it. Why do I need a long-ass camera to aim at something when I can adjust webcam just by turning it? Though if it indeed does have a zoom lens, I suppose that's useful. And assuming you can look through a viewfinder on the back end and see precisely what the lens is pointing at, that might be somewhat useful. Since the product page isn't in English and it isn't officially launched yet, I can't get further information on how exactly the product works.

Anyway, it features a VGA (640 x 480) resolution, adjustable focus that can focus as close as 4cm away, automatic white balance, microphone and USB 2.0. IPEVO PoV CameraIt also espouses some 'exclusive' Skype Remote Monitoring function with a password secured login to remotely view the camera using Skype.

Finally, is it just me or does this camera look like the Borg Queen's head?

[IPEVO PoV Camera product page]

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