IPEVO Xing Skype Conferencing unit

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IPEVO Xing Skype Conferencing unit

IPEVO plans to soon launch a conference system for Skype called IPEVO Xing. IPEVO Xing is a USB conference phone that is designed to work exclusively with Skype. Xing will be launched with a free trial of Skype-certified Convenos Meeting Center, a fee-based collaboration/sharing software solution, which will enhance the meeting experience.
The "X" shape of of XING includes four-way surround microphones to pickup participants voices in all directions and it is also wall-mountable. Featuring an internal DSP and 16Khz sampling rate, IPEVO claims that Xing provides a high voice fidelity output and built in echo-cancelling. The call status buttons and LEDs on the top of the phone allow users to see the connection status and a built-in headphone jacks and ear bud are included for private conversations. I have a unit being sent to me soon to review. My only complaint over the XING is that there is no keypad on the unit. Thus, if you are in the conference room and the PC monitor is off or in power-save mode, you have to wake up the PC/monitor, and then use the mouse to dial someone. Bit of a pain if you ask me, so a keypad that integrates with the Skype software would be nice.

IPEVO Xing is expected to be released by the end of June at www.ipevo.com.

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