Jyve + Click&Buy + Skype + Expertise = Money

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Jyve + Click&Buy + Skype + Expertise = Money

In 2004, I had a blog post titled Jive Talking (Bee Gees song), about a company called Jyve. Well, I haven't written about Jyve in quite some time (two years). It appears Jyve (Skype plugin) and Click&Buy enable experts in any field (techie, writer, web designer, etc) to charge for their expertise using the Skype network. This is similar to Ether, which was in closed beta until just a few days ago when it launched.

Using Jyve along with Click&Buy, entrepreneurs can make more money through Skype by charging customers in locations throughout the world for their expertise. In theory you can even use this for "adult voice conversations" similar to U.S. adult-oriented (i.e. sex) 900 numbers. Jyve was recently awarded the Voice Services Award from Skype at the eBay Developers Conference for its ability to help people make money by using Skype.  

Click&Buy can be used for many different payment methods - from micropayments to large monthly subscriptions.  Jyve uses Click&Buy as a metered payment system as opposed to pre-paid. The payment system tracks the total cost of a lesson or a consultation in real time and allows consultants the ability to bill their customers to the precise minute after the conversation is over.

Click&Buy uses the latest in Web 2.0 technologies in communicating with its merchants.  The company sends secure SOAP and XML feeds, which then automate the billing process for the merchant.  The merchant, i.e., consultant, will make a request from their server to their server, asking for billing records and demographic information.  The SOAP service is free and is usually charged as an extra service from other payment providers. 

So how does this compare with Ether?

Well, according to Click&Buy there are two fundamental differences:
1) Ether calls both parties at a set scheduled time.  With Jyve the buyer of the consultation calls the consultant.
2) With Ether you and the other party agree on a set amount of money and time before the call.  However, with Jyve and Click&Buy's payment system, the call could go for less than the planned call and the person on the other end pays for the actual time.  He or she doesn't pre-pay and instead uses a post-paid model.

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