Mashup Google Wave, Skype, and Asterisk = Ultimate Coolness

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Mashup Google Wave, Skype, and Asterisk = Ultimate Coolness

Skype Journal wrote about one of the coolest mashups I've ever seen. Certainly one of the coolest VoIP mashups. Skype Journal explains PhoneFromHere Tim Panton's demo that he gave at Astricon where Tim mashes up Google Wave, Skype, Asterisk running Skype for Asterisk and Ibook to make Skype calls from within a browser-based Google Wave.

Not only is it sans Skype client, but it has recordings (labeled by person speaking) of individual utterances, so you can quickly playback what a particular person said at a certain point in time.

It's amazing to make a Skype call from a browser without running the Skype client. How do you ask? Well, it uses a browser-based Skype client using a IAX2 Java client to communicate with Asterisk which then communicates with the Skype network cloud. On top of it all you get Google Wave's powerful collaboration capabilities.

Perhaps some IP address geocoding combined with Google Maps to show the speakers' locations might be nice addition to this mashup. Or even pulling down Facebook profile pictures. There is definitely some awesome potential for this. Thumbnail image for startrek-borg.jpgMaybe Google can even stick your Google Wave/Skype/Asterisk collaboration sessions into their newly released, centralized, Borg/hive, data-collecting, privacy-busting Google Dashboard?

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I would like to applaud google for creating this new products except for one. The Google Dashboard.

To some - google dashboard could be a handy tool for their busy life, but to a geek who work in total privacy this could be a real threat to their security - As said from the mouth of Microsoft CEO

"Google reads your gmail account once in a while" when you're under scrutiny.


somebody call detective now

Google wave and skype are so usefull software for making online net to phone connection.Really by mixing all three software we become a cool in net 2 phone call.

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