Orb your Skype Voicemails

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Orb your Skype Voicemails

Orb Networks emailed me to point to their new add-on to their free TV/photo/video/music streaming service. I actually have Orb installed on my home PC, and it worked great during testing - I was able to stream CNN, Fox News, a Yankees game to a remote PC. Unfortuanetely, my damn broadband provider caps my upstream to around 128Kbps so it affects my home Vonage service - or even worse when streaming it can actually cause my cable modem to recycle! (this knocks my voice and data connection offline for a bit)

Anyway, Orb told me that they have a Skype plug-in called V4S. According to Orb, "Using Orb-powered V4S (written with the Skype API), you can get your Skype voicemails from any web-connected device for free."

Here's an example they gave:

You leave home, with your home PC running Skype (and Orb). You only bring your cell phone because you're going to a fancy, boring dinner party... Someone calls you on Skype, they leave a voicemail for you. Between courses, you use the web browser on your cell phone to log into your Orb account on your laptop and listen to your V4S message. (Before the end of the week, we'll be able to send an SMS when you have a V4S message.)

Best part? It's all for free. And pretty easy to use.

I'll have to try this on my Skype account and my home Windows Media Center PC.

I'll report back here with my test results!

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