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SIPphone vs. Skype

Review: SIPphone

I'm a fan of ExtremeTech's website - they're got some great artiles and reviews - but they're latest comparison review of Skype vs. SIPphone leaves a lot to be desired.

The reviews of both Skype and SIPphone were OK, but they made a major mistake by stating on this link, "You can't use the SIPphone to call a regular landline or cell phone, you can only call other SIPphones."

This isn't true, as the SIPphone CAN dial landline (PSTN) numbers including cell phones. You just have to buy prepaid "SIP minutes" from the SIPphone website.

Then they compounded their error by posting a "correction" that is ALSO WRONG! LOL!

It says:
"Generally you cannot call landlines or mobile lines, but there are some exceptions. SIPphone users can dial 800 numbers and if they have a calling card which uses an 800 number, they can use that to call long distance numbers. However without such a service, SIP phone users are limited to calling other SIP numbers." Our apologies to our readers and the folks at SIPphone for this omission in our review.

This too is wrong. You are not limited to just dialing 800 numbers using a calling card. If you have a prepaid calling card you can call ANY NUMBER, whether it's a cell phone, landline, or 800 number!

It amuses me when journalists think they're experts in a hot technology such as VoIP, try to come off as experts in a certain technology and then fall flat on their face...

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