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Skype Affiliate Program

Skype aims to generate more business from its VoIP service by rewarding partners (affiliates) who agree to promote and sell it. Currently, Skype has around 39 million users and they claim it is increasing by more than 150,000 new users every day. Now, Skype is looking to bolster that number through their affiliate program.

Skype just announced their affiliate program that will give groups such as bloggers, Web retailers, and online communities commissions of up to 10% of the revenue they generate.. Skype has tested for the past two weeks and has already generated 1,800 affiliates including, aSmallWorld, Firstream, LunarStorm Sweden, LunarStorm United Kingdom,, Passado, Spymac and SuperEva.. The affiliate program will be managed by Commission Junction, a leading provider of affiliate programs. Commission Junction will take care of tracking, reporting and paying affiliates.

“With such considerable benefits for all parties, the Skype affiliate program has incredible growth potential and is already developing at a
fantastic rate,” said Jonathan Forster, Commission Junction’s UK Country Manager. “Websites of all sizes are able to attract new clientele as well as sustain visitor loyalty by enhancing their customers' online experience with the Skype brand and value-added functionality.”

“We look forward to rewarding our most ardent online evangelizers by creating an avenue to increase profits from their websites,” said Skype CEO and co-founder Niklas Zennström. “A strong affiliate program not only opens up a revenue stream for Skype devotees, but also provides an interactive communications tool for website publishers to engage in dialogue with their audiences.”

Skype generates revenue from premium services such as their SkypeOut and SkypeIn services. Affiliates will receive a 10% commission based on the customers they bring into the Skype fold and which spend money on one or both of these Skype services. SkypeOut has around 1.4 million users, the company said. Figures for SkypeIn and voicemail were not immediately available.

Skype was launched by Niklas Zennstrom who also cofounded the popular Kazaa P2P file sharing program.

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