Skype combo devices - what's the point?

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Skype combo devices - what's the point?

Seems like every day there's some newfandangled Skype device that combines Skype along with some combination of a speakerphone, a mouse, a keypad, an LCD, a toaster, a blender, etc. etc.

Remember the Sony Skype device I wrote about? Let me refresh your memory with 2 pictures...
Sony VAIO Skype mouse
Sony VAIO VNCX1-B Mouse

Skype mouseNow word comes about a new combo Skype device called the Skype USB Phone ASG-142 SkyGenie MouseFone.

It features an 800 DPI optical sensor, Skype speakerphone, an a 1.3-inch LCD for caller ID display. Although it is USB, it only works on Windows. Unlike the Sony VAIO Skype mouse combo gadget, the MouseFone does have a number keypad and a funky glowing green scroll wheel. Not sure how you are supposed to talk on Skype and use your mouse even if it does have a speakerphone. Some of these combo devices just seem silly to me. Who buys these things?

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