Skype finally integrated into eBay?

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Skype finally integrated into eBay?

I just recently ranted about Skype not being integrated into eBay yet, especially considering the billions of dollars eBay spent on purchasing Skype. I wrote, "I think eBay would be smart to start offering Skype integration on the U.S. eBay site -- even if only in beta. They've owned Skype long enough to be able to do this, so why the long delay? You'd think several billion dollars in Skype's pockets would give them enough cash to hire developers to get the show on the road. C'mon already."

Well today Andy is at the eBay Developers Conference and he is speculating that "SkypeBay", the official marriage of the two technologies, will finally launch tomorrow. Maybe my blog post rant from a few weeks ago put a little kick in their developers' rear-ends.

Andy writes:
Yesterday at the eBay Dev Con someone mentioned a pending big Tuesday announcement at eBay Live. Given the audience that will be in attendance my money is on the announcement of worldwide integration of Skype Click to Call within the Ebay web portal.

He also speculates that auctions will appear in within a Skype browser - something I too have speculated about.
I also feel though that there is also likely some integration that will occur the other way, where information about your eBay auctions and bids will appear inside the Skype browser.

I'd probably make the same guess as Andy if someone told me major news from Skype is coming out at the eBay Developers Conference. Well, Andy, let's see if your prognostications are correct come tomorrow. If true, it's bout friggin' time Skype & eBay!

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