Skype is a real mover and shaker

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Skype is a real mover and shaker

Wow, Alexa's home page has a nice graph of Skype's soaring Alexa rankings as part of their Web Discovery special. Not sure if it will be there tomorrow, so let me copy some excerpts. Check out this quote: "Once again Skype has broken into Alexa's Movers and Shakers. Their growth over the last 8 months has been phenomenal, going from a reach per million of 2000 to well over 6000."

And look at this quote with graph comparing Skype with Vonage:

Where was I? Oh, yes Skype. Just for flavor, I added vonage on the graph. You can see that Vonage, despite millions spent on television advertising (I can't get that damn hill-billy vonage song out of my head "woo-hoo, woo-hoo-hoo") is virtually flat, while skype has more than doubled its user base.

In the battle of the VoIP heavyweights, all I can say is ... in my best Howard Cosell voice is: "Down goes Vonage! Down goes Vonage!"

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