Skype Manager Reports - FAIL!

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Skype Manager Reports - FAIL!

A couple of months ago I wrote 'Googlebye Skype Business Control Panel Hello Skype Manager!' , which is a web-based management tool that replaced Skype Business Control Panel (BCP). Well, can we have the old Skype Business Control Panel back? I just logged in today to check out some reports of international test calls I made. Every report I ran for each of the Skype users came up blank as seen here:

In the Reports screen I went to Summary and then Usage. From here it asked me to enter a member or SIP Profile name to search for. I tried the 4 Skype members that I thought might have the SIP account assigned to it. Since I was part of the Skype for SIP beta, initially the Skype credits were assigned to my personal Skype member ID. In any event, I tried running a report for the current month, the previous month, but still no dice. I tried each of the 4 Skype member IDs. All I wanted to see was the last 10 phone calls. You'd think the Dashboard would at least display that information without having to force me to run a report, but alas, even the Dashboard doesn't give you that info. It only shows allocations and your balance.

I tried downloading a report as a PDF, but it too didn't list the calls, just some allocations and purchases. Then it occurred to my that Skype no longer uses a Skype member ID for the SIP settings, but rather a profile name. "Ok," I thought, "So where the hell is my SIP profile listed? I don't see it anywhere on this Skype Manager portal."

I went back to the Reports screen then went to the Summary tab and then Usage. From here it asked me to enter a member or SIP Profile name to search for. Again, I wasn't sure what the SIP Profile name was. Fortunately, if you type a letter it does automatically search for a match. I then tried to just go through the entire alphabet until it auto-matched my SIP Profile name. Then I noticed a popup saying "Show all members":
I clicked that, and all it displayed were the 4 members I had already tried. Crap! Well, I guess going through the alphabet is useless, since it will only match these 4 Skype members.

However, by pure luck I decided to hit the letter 'p' for "profile" and then the website displayed "Profile 1 (SIP Profile). Eureka!

I clicked that and from their I was able to see the call detail reports (CDR):

Why did this have to be so difficult? Why not display ALL the Skype members and the SIP profile(s) on the Usage screen? I did notice one other spot where it lists my SIP profile name. After clicking the Allocations link on the left nav bar if I then clicked 'Skype for SIP', the web page displayed "Allocated to: Profile 1".

Major fail on Skype's part that it took me a few minutes to just to bring up a simple damn call report! And Skype wants to crack the enterprise market with this? Per shame Skype! Per shame!

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