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Skype Me! book

Looking for some good reading material with the time off for the holidays? Well, Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of "Skype Me! From Single User to Small Enterprise and Beyond" by Michael Gough of - the first book written on Skype. The book shows readers how to install, configure, deploy, and secure Skype VoIP solutions.

Retailing for $34.95, the Skype paperback covers the following:
-Get through the Basics Painlessly
Step-by-step instructions get you up and running on Windows, Mac, Pocket PC, and Linux devices.

-Create Skype Accounts and Begin Chatting Sign up, become listed in the Skype directory, and begin searching for contacts.

-Transition Existing Services to Skype
Plan a process that gradually replaces those services you currently pay for with Skype.

-Expand Skype's Capabilities with Add-ons See how to add voice mail, SMS text messaging, Outlook integration, Web toolbars, and call forwarding.

-Extend Skype via Its API
The API itself is divided into two main sections, the Skype Phone API and the Skype Access API.

-Use Skype Away from Your Computer
No, you don't need to be at your computer to use Skype. Learn how to connect with your Skype server.

-Deploy Skype in the Workplace
Create a system design, accommodate SIP and H.323, and roll out security policies.

-Create Business Solutions
Consider the pros and cons of Skype-based help desks, WiFi phones, and other applications.

-Configure Firewalls and Network Settings Make certain that ports, proxy servers, and NAT routers are Skype ready.

According to the Amazon description:
In the first-ever book on Skype Markus Daehne, who is the forum moderator on the Skype Web site, takes you from the basics of getting Skype up and running on all platforms, through advanced features included in SkypeIn, SkypeOut, and Skype for Business. The book teaches you everything from installing a headset to configuring a firewall to setting up Skype as telephone base to developing your own customized applications using the Skype Application Programming Interface.

This book is divided into four parts.

Part I begins with several chapters on the basics of Skype. Here you learn how to install and configure Skype on several platforms including Windows, Max OSX, Linux, and PocketPC. You also learn how to begin making voice over IP calls immediately in this section.

Part II deals with the more advanced features of Skype. Here you learn how to use Skype on new "Skype Ready" cell phones, use Skype for more advanced, business-oriented tasks such as scheduling and file transfers, as well as using SkypeOut.

Part III discusses how to integrate Skype with third party networking, communication, and security devices such as routers, firewalls, and mail servers, as well as using the brand new Skype for Business.

Part IV covers the Skype Application Programming Interface, Plug-ins, Add-ons, and third party tools. Here you learn to develop and customize your own applications using the new, powerful, Skype API.

According to Bill Campbell, Editor of Skype Journal, "You are going to love 'Skype Me!' Here's why: Michael Gough knows his stuff...Michael has covered all that you need to know about Skype. His book will sweeten your Skype experience. It contains basic information for early adopters as well as technical tips for power user."

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