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Skype + Mouse = MouseFone

Skype MouseFoneApparently converging Skype with USB mice seems to be a trend. You've got the Sony VAIO VN-CX1/B Skype mouse, the BeyondTel VM-01L optical Skype mouse, and now the Skype MouseFone ASG-143 from Sysgration.

So using this device how exactly do you pretend to talk your wife or girlfriend when you're really checking email, and surfing the web? With the mouse being used for voice, you're forced to use the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the desktop and all those keystrokes are sure to give you away. "Are you listening to me? I hear you typing..."

Where oh where will the wacky gadget convergence end?

Features include:
  • Build-in mic. and speaker
  • Independent sound chip to handle Softphone VoIP Voice Quailty
  • OLED display screen with keypad ( option )
  • Dot matrix caller-ID
  • Volume Control
  • 800 DPI Optical sensor
  • Auto detection (or manual switch) between Mouse and Phone.
  • USB 1.1 Interface PnP. No external power/sound card required
  • High quality for full duplex communication

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