Skype Niklas Zennstrom keynotes Internet Telephony Expo

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Skype Niklas Zennstrom keynotes Internet Telephony Expo

Greg Galitzine recently blogged the fact that Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and co-founder of Skype, will address the audience at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO in Los Angeles on October 6.

Skype has certainly helped make VoIP mainstream and they have built a loyal following. But can Skype match the hype? Can Skype become a truly killer app that brings traditional telephony service providers to their knees? Well, go hear it from the horse's mouth. If you're in L.A. October 6th, go listen to Niklas speak.

Because of its peer-to-peer design (though it does have centralized supernodes), Skype doesn't require any infrastructure and only minimal capital investment compared with phone companies that must maintain their own lines and switches.

Skype's 750,000 daily users create the vast network on the fly, sharing computer resources to manage traffic flow and ensure call quality.

The question still remains whether Skype will pose a serious challenge to traditional phone companies. I use Skype myself and well, let's just say that if I were a phone company, I'd be saying to myself, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Also, check out Greg's Q&A with Skype: Greg Galitzine: Skype At Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO

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