Skype Offers More Payment Options and Local Currencies

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Skype Offers More Payment Options and Local Currencies

Skype has some new payment options including the ability to pay in US Dollars via PayPal, Moneybookers and Click&Buy. Here's the news..

Skype, the global Internet communications company, today announced new, convenient, global payment methods for customers to buy products from Skype Credit is now available in 14 local currencies including US Dollars, and can be purchased with myriad payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfers and credit cards.

Skype Credit can be used to buy SkypeOut calling minutes, SkypeIn numbers, Skype Voicemail, and personalized ringtones and avatars.

Skype has made it easier for people on most continents – including Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania – to buy and keep track of their Skype Credit in 14 local currencies, including Euros, US Dollars, Polish Zloty, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, New Taiwanese Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krona, Norvegian Krona, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar and Swiss Francs.

Skype customers can now enjoy a simpler and faster way to buy Skype Credit with PayPal. Once customers pre-approve payments with PayPal on their Skype account, they can pay in just two clicks. With PayPal, Skype customers can fund payments using their stored PayPal balances, their bank accounts, or any major credit card. PayPal has more than 100 million accounts across 55 markets worldwide, and supports seven currencies.

“Skype is about simplicity, convenience and choice, and we want to ensure this experience extends into buying from our site,” said Michael Jackson, head of paid services at Skype. “We also want to make sure the full possibilities of the Skype experience are open to everyone – wherever they are and whether or not they hold a credit or debit card. It’s never been easier for people the world over to buy from Skype.”

Skype customers can also choose to pay for Skype Credit via GlobalCollect and FIRSTGATE’s Click&Buy. GlobalCollect enables local offline and online bank transfer payments to be made in 50 countries worldwide. Click&Buy allows online purchases to be made with multiple local payment options in countries across Europe and the Americas.

Skype customers without a debit or credit card can now purchase Skype Credit with Ukash vouchers bought from high street retailers in more than 50,000 locations across the UK, Republic of Ireland and Spain, with further countries to be added shortly. Skype Scratch cards are currently available in Sweden and Finland at Clas Ohlson and other retail stores, with more countries and retailers to be added soon.

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