Skype Outage Explained

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Skype Outage Explained

Just received this email from a Skype PR representative explaining the outage I discovered over the weekend. They say it was minor, and I will say it was a short outage. But there were some peeved users. I read a Skype forum post where a user bought 2 new Skype phones, none worked and was about to return them. I wonder how many DID return their Skype phones or at least looked upon Skype less favorably?

Skype’s engineering team has concluded their investigation into the outage that Tom Keating alerted you to yesterday and I wanted to share their findings with you:

Users of some Skype Certified devices experienced login problems on Sunday when a server-hosting location experienced network connection difficulties. As a result, some services became temporarily unavailable. This has since been rectified. The scale of the problem was minor and we've taken appropriate precautions to avoid it happening again.

I hope this sheds some light on what happened.

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