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Skype PocketPC client

I knew there were rumors of a Skype client for PocketPCs, but Andy alerted me that Skype launched a VoIP client for PocketPCs today. He also offers some interesting analysis on what this could mean and how it could impact the carriers.

For example, he said:
Add Skype out to a new iPaq 6315 with WiFi and better voice quality. I just wonder how soon the wireless carriers like T-Mobile lock down the ports "for security reasons."

LOL! Andy thinks the cell phone carriers won't be too happy that iPaq 6315 users can make free phone calls bypassing their networks.

He continues:
As a Skype user I'm thrilled by this. I'll have to try this at a Starbucks soon. The idea of a PDA with Skype and Skype Out is very disruptive.

Andy - I couldn't agree with you more!

You can read about the Skype PocketPC announcement here:

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