Skype PPC 2.1 beta for PocketPC

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Skype PPC 2.1 beta for PocketPC

Skype on PocketPCSkype released PPC 2.1 beta for PocketPCs. You can download it here. Technically PocketPC or PPC is a misnomer, since this new Skype software can run on smartphones running Windows CE or the latest Windows Mobile 5 operating systems. Perhaps a name change for Skype PPC is needed? Skype Smartphone? Skype Handheld? Of course, would need to denote Windows-based devices. Skype Smartphone for Windows?

The latest features of this BETA version include:

One click Skype access: A Skype icon on the device home screen allows users to view and call contacts easily;

Multi-person chat: Users can have multi-person chat sessions using animated emoticons with colleagues, friends and family and when mobile users are offline, chat messages will automatically update the next time user logs in;

Enhanced contact list: Users can now see their contacts avatars and mood messages;

Profile personalization: Users have the ability to take a picture with the camera on their mobile device and immediately update their profile.

Skype on PocketPC multi-chat
Multi-chat Screenshot

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