Skype says Phone Calls Will Be Free

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Skype says Phone Calls Will Be Free

According to Skype CEO Niklas Zennström speaking at a VoIP tradeshow, Voice over IP (VoIP) will force traditional telephone companies to stop charging for voice calls by 2015.

Zennström said the fact telephony has evolved from a network to a software application "is a game changer". He cited the fact that since VoIP applications such as Skype have no customer acquisition costs and no real cost for calls, "we cannot charge for phone calls in the future," Zennström said. Thus, traditional carriers will have to change their business models. "If you fast forward ten years, all revenue will come from internet access and none from voice minutes or line rental."

Zennström also said he doesn't forsee the traditional carriers going away since they own the last mile copper. Yes, Mr. Zennström but just wait for high-speed wireless such as WiMAX! Then the death of the carriers' empire will be complete. BWWWWAHAHAHA!!!

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