Skype v1.4 Released (soon)

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Skype v1.4 Released (soon)

Skype is releasing the new version of Skype for Windows v1.4 later this week, codenamed Aviator. Skype for Windows v1.4 is still in beta, but will be released as official public version later this week. Skype told me, "We have been busy listening to the Skype community, adding new features and polishing existing features and tools." Skype's next version for Windows will have the following features and improvements:

  • Improved Voice Quality
  • Call Forwarding - lets you forward incoming Skype and SkypeIn calls to a landline, mobile number or another Skype Name when you're away from Skype. You can choose to forward your calls to up to 3 numbers or Skype Names simultaneously. According to Skype, "There are no subscription charges to forward your calls and it won't cost others any extra to call you. You simply pay the standard SkypeOut rates to call the mobile or landline number that you forward to (forwarding to another Skype Name is free!)."
  • Personalize Skype
    Personalize Skype consists of a new selection of sounds, ringtones and pictures that you can use to personalize your Skype experience. You can buy the sounds and pictures from Skype's webstore. For now, Personalize Skype works only with Skype for Windows 1.4. Have a look around as I am told there might be some freshly tailored Skype freebies in the next days.
  • Additional improvements in this version include:
    Improved Search, Adding contacts, Getting Started Wizard and importing contacts from your Outlook, Outlook Express and Opera address books.
  • New Skype Links
  • Skype will introduce more flexible Skype links that can be posted on your blog, website, email signature file or any other application that reads HTML. The new links introduce a more flexible syntax (skype:// schema) that extends the choice of actions you can perform in a click. Besides calling, you can now do things like start a text chat, view profile, leave voicemail and more. Keep your eye on where Skype stated they will be featured first.
  • New Skype Toolbars
    New Skype Toolbars for Internet Explorer and Outlook let you find and call other Skype users from other popular desktop applications.
Regarding this last feature - Skype Toolbars, I wonder if they'll integrate eBay auction searches into the next Skype toolbar? This way you can say search on "used Dodge Durango" and all the auction results with this SUV will appear. Maybe the Skype toolbar can even feature an "instant call me" button next to auction search results that are using the Skype client so you can instantly talk with the seller.

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