Skype + Webcam Catches Shocking Abuse of 91-Year-Old

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Skype + Webcam Catches Shocking Abuse of 91-Year-Old

Skype isn't just a communications tool - it's a crime solver too. Enough in fact to put Batman out of a job? No wonder he's ticked off and hanging out with the Joker.
David Gould (L) dressed as Joker stands with friend Brandon McDonald, dressed as Batman during the 11th annual Comic Con in Baltimore on August 29, 2010. Over 100 contestants showed off their best impressions of comic book heros and villains on costume contest day. UPI/Greg Whitesell Photo via Newscom
In Jersey City, a home healthcare worker, Carmen Pereira, 52 was arrested and charged her with abusing an elderly patient. The family of the elderly woman suspected something was wrong after finding bruises on her. They setup a webcam and Skype and recorded video of the abuse.

She was charged with aggravated assault with extreme indifference, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person, and neglect of an elderly/disabled person according to My Fox NY.

Police released video of the abuse. You can view the video below and remember, somebody's always watching you (and me), so don't be beatin' up old ladies.

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