Skype your favorite Hollywood Celebrity

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Skype your favorite Hollywood Celebrity

Hey, you wanna talk to Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey, Brooke Shields, or some other celebs? Well, according to the Share Skype blog, you can now. You actually have to outbid others for the privilege on eBay and it's for a charitable cause. Now, I know why eBay spent $4 billion on Skype! Heck if ABC's "Dancing with Stars" is a runaway TV ratings success, just imagine imagine if the average American can talk to their favorite celebrity. I'm partial to Harrison Ford myself. If I were single, I might be game for talking to a female celebrity. :D

Unfortunately, the list of celebs is limited, but sitll worth going to the skype-a-celeb auction on eBay. Make your bids quicky, it ends March 3rd.

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