Spirit DSP and Skype - What's the deal?

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Spirit DSP and Skype - What's the deal?

In my previous post, I said "Looks like we can set the speculation to rest, Spirit DSP's technology is going to be embedded into Universal Scientific's desktop Skype IP-phone and not into Skype's software". However, I started to think about this some more and wondered if indeed my speculation about Skype software licensing Spirit DSP's software should be put to rest.

I left a message for the Skype PR representative last week and didn't receive a call back, which is a bit unusual. I emailed Spirit DSP today asking for a photo of this phone and asked if this was the news they alluded to at VON Europe. Their response was to state that they were still under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Skype. Still under NDA even with the Skype phone announcment? So there is still a possibility that Skype will add support for Spirit DSP within their software.

If I may speculate for a moment here. I do know that SkypeСasts was marketed as allowing groups of up to 100 people to talk, but many Skypers have complained about the voice quality in large groups. I know Spirit DSP claims to be better suited than their competitors to handle large groups with good sound quality. Whether this is true or not I can't say since I haven't done any comparative benchmark testing. But assuming for a second that Spirit DSP does handle large conference groups better, then perhaps Skype is working on a "deal" with Spirit DSP to license their software to be used for SkypeCasts.

What I do know is that Spirit DSP is still using the term "NDA" even after this Universal Scientific desktop Skype IP-phone was launched. So something is 'cookin' between Spirit DSP and Skype. What exactly that is, is anybody's guess. Could simply be another standalone Skype phone embedding Spirit DSP technology or it could be that the Skype software itself will use Spirit DSP in the near future.

Guess we'll all have to wait to see what the deal is, but I will report here as soon as I find out anything.

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