Spirit DSP technology in Skype P2P IP-Phone

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Spirit DSP technology in Skype P2P IP-Phone

Looks like we can set the speculation to rest, Spirit DSP's technology is going to be embedded into Universal Scientific's desktop Skype IP-phone and not into Skype's software. Skype recently showcased a new P2P desktop IP-phone designed by Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. (USI). This Skype-protocol-based VoIP desktop phone uses the VeriCall framework from Trinity Convergence and SPIRIT vocoders running on the Intel PXA270 processor. Trinity and SPIRIT have also recently signed a revenue-sharing sublicensing agreement, allowing Trinity to re-sell SPIRIT vocoders.

The desktop P2P IP-phone from Universal Scientific is a standalone Skype phone that doesn't require a connection to a PC. The phone supports Skype to Skype calling, SkypeOut (to call landline and mobile phones); SkypeIn (to receive calls from landline and mobile phones); and Skype Voicemail. The phone boasts a large color LCD screen for presence and contacts management.

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