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Third-party SkypeIn Jetnumbers

JetnumbersSkype currently is limited to a few countries for SkypeIn numbers. So what if you want local dial access in a country NOT supported by Skype? Well, claims to have the answer.  They wrote TMC to say, " has just launched a new usage for its call forwarding service. After months of development, we can now provide our clients with VIRTUAL TO SKYPE plans. Now, any virtual phone number from Jetnumbers can be forwarded to any Skype account instead of being forwarded to a regular landline or mobile phone."

I'm not exactly sure how this works, since your SkypeIn software client only accepts calls coming into your paid SkypeIn phone number. For example sake, let's say your SkypeIn phone number is 203-555-1234. It would appear Jetnumbers must do call forwarding (mapping) between a registered Jetnumber phone number, say 212-555-5555 and your "paid" SkypeIn number (203-555-1234). So when you dial 212-555-5555 (Jetnumber) it forwards the call to your "real" SkypeIn number of 203-555-1234. I guess there are some uses to that (local dial access), but you still have to pay for your SkypeIn number. The way the email was written to me it made it sound like you could bypass paying for a SkypeIn number all together. I guess the value is the ability to have local phone number presence in multiple countries. Businesses, especially entrepreneurs might find that useful.

Mapping phone numbers to Skype usernames would be a cool feature as well. Though when you pay for SkypeIn, you get unlimited SkypeIn calling, so it's not like you save SkypeIn credits. Further, Jetnumbers obviously tacks on their service fees for forwarding the call. So you really must need & want virtual phone numbers to use this service.

Jetnumbers claims to support over 40 countries, including Spain, Israel and Russia. The beta is free for top bloggers if you're interested. I'm a tad busy to try myself, so if you do, let me know how it goes.

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