What Skype & Rich Tehrani Do in Vegas Stays in Vegas

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What Skype & Rich Tehrani Do in Vegas Stays in Vegas

I won't comment on Rich taking pictures of scantily clad women unawares. In fact, I won't comment at all. I'll just steal Rich's pictures of the Skype CTIA event party in Las Vegas. The glass pool table with the Skype logo looks pretty cool, as does the giant mockup of an Apple iPhone. It's too bad they didn't show Skype running on the iPhone though.

And what's up with the funky dude with the mask, stilts, wearing a Skype logo? Words can't express my thoughts, but I'll try via the photo captions.

p.s. check out my Skype over 3G on iPhone article. You'll enjoy it!

Not sure, but I think the ladies are holding iPhones as Rich is taking this photo with his iPhone. You didn't notice? Well what were you looking at?
Get back to work Rich!

I don't think they knew you were taking their picture. Leave the peeping Tom to me.

What the???

A guy in a cage and not one of the scantily clad women? Go figure...

I bet he has no Skype buddies

Don't look up! He's not wearing underwear. Ack!

Skype runs rings around the competition, so this is apropos

I could do that. No problem!

Didn't I tell you to get back to work? Oh wait, you're the boss. Nevermind.
Cool. Is that ice? And what are those balls?

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