Snow, Cars, and Internet Telephony Expo

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Snow, Cars, and Internet Telephony Expo

I head out to Miami tomorrow for Internet Telephony Expo and this trip couldn't have come at a better time. for two reasons. One, it snowed today, which means I will be doing some back-breaking snow shovelling sometime today - so I will be glad to enjoy Miami's warmer climate. Secondly, my Mitsubishi 3000GT died on Saturday while attempting to teach my wife how to drive a stick shift. DOH! I think she threw out a throw bearing or bent a fork when she floored it and dropped the clutch. The damn clutch won't "catch" now. I lift up the clutch pedal and car goes nowhere. I don't think it's the clutch though - it's only a year old.

Well, the good news is that at least while my car is getting worked on, I will be in Miami - no need to pay to rent a car to get to work. So the show timing couldn't have been better. I could of course drive my Viper to work, but the snow storm will be leaving a wake of slush, sand, and salt - none of which are good to be driving in, especially with this car. The Viper's wide tires are great on dry traction, but notoriously bad in slushy or even wet conditions (forget about driving a Viper in icy conditions unless you have a deathwish). Too much torque for its own good!

Anyway, I will be blogging from the show and reporting the latest happenings here.

p.s. I really should pack, I'm such a procrastinator..

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