Tweefind a new rank-based twitter search

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Tweefind a new rank-based twitter search

tweefind-logo.jpgFellow VoIP blogger Luca has launched a new endeavor called Tweefind, which is a rank-based twitter search engine rather than a simply timeline search on keywords.

Luca explains:

How is the Tweerank calculated? Behind the scenes there is a sophisticated algorithm which analyzes how users use Twitter and calculates their rank accordingly. The rank is obtained taking into account a certain number of different parameters in a certain timeframe:

  • # followers
  • # following
  • # of tweets
  • # of RT he/she receives
  • # of replies
  • # of distinct users who reply
  • # of distinct users who retweet
  • # of RT he/she makes
  • # of links the user shares
  • much more...

Luca explains that a twitter user's ranking can change daily, depending on how much they use twitter, and other variables. It's an interesting model. Read his post for more details.

I just tried it out on various keywords, including voip, skype, iPhone, and others. It's pretty fast. It must preload several pages of search results, because when I click the paginate/next page button at the bottom, it instantly loads. It appears to max out at 7 pages of results, so that may explain why it loads so fast.

Interestingly, there is no submit or 'Go' button to submit your search. You simply hit enter to submit. Still for people that are not keyboard-centric or don't know you can simply hit 'enter', a submit button would be nice.

It's too early to tell if I'll use this regularly, but I'll have to bookmark tweefind and try it out over the next few weeks to see how well it works vs. my usually twitter searching.

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