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SPIRIT Multi-Point Conferencing

Interesting multi-point conferencing product from SPIRIT that claims that a dozen people can talk simultaneously without any clipping.

SPIRIT announces industry's first software for true Multi-Point Conferencing

TeamSpirit enables dozens of participants to talk simultaneously during IP conferencing

February 1, – SPIRIT (www.spiritdsp.com/voip), the leading supplier of embedded software products for digital voice communication, announces industry-first Voice Engine for true multi-point conferencing.

The main feature distinguishing TeamSpirit from other alternatives on the market is the multi-point mode that enables dozens of users to participate in a conference simultaneously. It doesn’t matter how many participants take part in the conference, their speech still remains clear and easy to understand even during simultaneous talk.

While using any conventional solution a user has to wait until all other speakers stop talking before he can say something; or he has to speak louder than all others in order to be heard. But in reality, all people involved in a conferencing session are keen to be heard and understood. TeamSpirit makes this possible. All speakers can talk at the same time and all of them will be clearly heard by the others. There are no nasty clippings and breaks thus making conferencing more comfortable and natural.

RealDuplex and Multi-PASS, SPIRIT’s proprietary innovative technologies developed for IP network communications, are the solid base for the new software. And of course TeamSpirit incorporates all best of class voice processing features such as AGC, AEC, VAD, CNG, ANC as well as the voice codecs of choice.

“Every day, more businesses are looking for IP conferencing to fulfill their communication needs. It’s a system of business communication that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” – says Andrew Sviridenko, chairman of SPIRIT. “But limited number of participants and inconvenience during Multi-Point discussions prevented existing Voice Engines from becoming the ideal solutions. Everybody wants to be sure that all parties fully understand the conversation, as misheard dialogue can lead to expensive mistakes. Now it’s possible to make voice conferencing service clear as a bell for all participants, if you go with TeamSpirit”.


SPIRIT (www.spiritDSP.com) employs about 100 professionals, has been in international software licensing business since 1992. SPIRIT focus is communication DSP and VoIP software products and today SPIRIT counts among its clients Agere, Atmel, Flextronics, Furuno, Hyundai, JRC, LG, Marconi, NEC, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Philips, Polycom, Samsung, Siemens, Texas Instruments and Toshiba, among 100+ other OEMs. Through these brand names SPIRIT communication software is used in over 50 countries.

SPIRIT is the biggest eXpressDSP software house in Europe (TI processor sales data). SPIRIT’s name is on TI C54CST (CST is client side telephony) processors – http://focus.ti.com/docs/pr/pressrelease.jhtml?prelId=sc03042

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