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A $100 Laptop for You, Too

Exciting to hear about the public having the possibility of buying one of those "green" $100 laptop computers that are slated to solve the developing world's Internet problems -- talk about bridging the Digital Divide! Even more exciting to hear...

$100 Laptop: Extinct Before It Arrives?

I only blogged about the $100 laptop at month ago ("Libya & the $100 Laptop"), but now it already looks like that "save the underdeveloped world" computer has been hit the a 50% price increase -- see "For $150, Third-World...

Libya & the $100 Laptop

While Libya may not be the best place in the world to call home, it certainly looks a lot better to the 1.2 million children that will get $100 laptops courtesy of the Libyan government. While we here at...

How About A Truly Connected World: Do I Hear Global Village?

Great article in USA Today earlier this week about how a potent combination of computer companies, tech entrepreneurs and philanthropic folk are working together to bring the digital age to the Third World (and the rest of the world). Here's...
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