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Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

This past weekend my wife and I picked up a used (2000) Jeep Grand Cherokee. We hadn't planned on buying a Jeep for at least a couple months, however when our Ford Taurus was side-swiped smashing in both passenger doors...

Parking ettiquette rules

I am pretty anal about where I park either of my two sports cars. No, I'm not the type to park diagonally and take up two parking spots - those "people" deserve any vigilante justice they receive such as getting...

Locking gas caps prevent gas theft

According to PhillyBurbs auto parts suppliers are rapidly selling out of locking gas caps, which were originally invented in the 1930s because of gas siphoning thefts during the Great Depression.According to the article, "I've never seen anything like this before....

Vipers, 3000GTs, and Shelby Cobras

Had a fun day in the Viper yesterday. Yesterday morning while commuting to work in the Viper, I ran into a twin-turbo 3000GT-VR4 Spyder convertible, which is a very rare car - only 877 of these convertible twin-turbos were ever...
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