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Panoramic 360° Video Controllable Via Mouse

We've all seen cool panoramic photos. Also, many of us may have been to amusement parks where they have white domes projecting 360° video on the dome. Though there is a lot of distortion when using curved walls. Not exactly...

XBOX 360 Dashboard Sneek Peaks

Came across some interesting articles on Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows regarding the upcoming XBOX 360 I thought was worth sharing.The first one is an interview with Jeff Henshaw, the Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment at Microsoft where he...

Xbox 360 Launches

Microsoft Corp. says its next version of Xbox will thrill hard-core gamers with mind-blowing graphics and lure in newcomers with free online games, slide shows, music and video chats with friends.Xbox 360 looks nothing like its bulky, black predecessor. It's...

Yahoo 360

From VoIP Blog - Rich Tehrani: Yahoo will soon introduce a new service called yahoo 360 that combines blogging and social networking. The service is designed to enable Yahoo's 165 million registered users to pull content from the Web site's...
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