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Free Live Agent 411 Directory Assistance vs. Automated

We've all heard the wisecracks about the quality of Voice over IP, "Honey? What was that? You're breaking up. Very choppy. Damn VoIP!" and certainly we've all experienced issues when talking to a speech-recognition powered auto-attendant. Neither is 100% fool...

Vonage offers enhanced 411 directory assistance

Vonage has selected Excell Services to provide its customers with Enhanced Directory Assistance Services (411), including movie listings, stock quotes, sports scores and more. This also includes regular number queries as well as address and reverse searches. In additio, Vonage...

Free SkypeOut dialing hack

In my recent post on a free 411 directory assistance service I stated that in theory you could use SkypeOut to dial 800-FREE411 and then have 800-FREE411 connect your call free of charge, but you'd still use up your SkypeOut...

Free 411 directory assistance

Just discovered a free 411 directory assistance from It's pretty cool, I just called it and it asks city and state. It repeats what you said in a female voice and asks if what she said is correct....
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