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SimplyExchange Skype PBX Gateway

Wisecom Technologies Ltd is now selling a Skype Certified gateway called SimplyExchange, which hooks up to your corporate PBX using four analog FXS ports. This is similar to the Actiontec VoSKY Skype gateway, though SimplyExchange is a much smaller...

Skip2PBX, SIP-to-Skype Gateway, is here!

Today, Skip2PBX, an Italian-based company announced it is ready to launch its SIP-to-Skype gateway running on a PC running Linux. Mind you, this isn't the first claim of a SIP-to-Skype breakthrough, however, they claim to be the only Skype to...

SkyStone bridges Skype and PBXs using only software

Remember my SIP to Skype gateway breaks Skype's Great Wall article, which explained how you could make a SIP-to-Skype call using the PSGW gateway? One of the knocks against Skype was that it uses a proprietary protocol, which makes it...

Actiontec VoSKY Skype Gateway adds FXS ports

Actiontec announced a new version of their VoSKY Skype gateway at ITEXPO, adding FXS functionality (previous model has FXO support). FXS support allows you to connects directly to PBX's FXS station posts, which enables you to to have global numbering plan. With the...

ActionTec Internet Phone Wizard with Skype Review

ActionTec with Skype ArchitectureInternet Phone Wizard With Skype Price: List: $69.99, I've seen it online for $56.61 So you're a Skyper but you hate being chained to a headset connected to your PC? Well, have no fear, ActionTec's Internet...
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