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2013 - The Year of WebRTC

WebRTC has been making great strides of late. A few companies using worth checking out are bistri, Plivo, and twelephone. I'm in the process of testing bistri and twelephone, but I did actual use Plivo's proof-of-concept WebRTC offering, which I'll...

Calliflower Adds Skype Calling

At ITEXPO Iotum announced their Calliflower hosted conferencing and collaboration platform added support for Skype calling. Calliflower, a web-based conferencing and collaboration platform can now be reached from any Skype-enabled PC or phone as well as from traditional PSTN phones....

VoIPMonitor congratulates TMCNet

VoIPMonitor has a nice article congratulating TMCNet for reaching over 3,000,000 unique visitors in July 2007, a 50% increase in traffic since February 2007. Thanks for the kudos, VoIPMonitor! The TMC team tries hard to bring breaking stories, interesting articles,...

Iotum looking for Blackberry users to test their app

Alec Saunders has an open call to test Iotum's Talk-Now presence-award application on a Blackberry. Russell Shaw has a good overview. I'm pretty swamped lately or I'd like to try it myself. Looks pretty cool. Any takers?...
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