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Alienware Comes to Best Buy

Let the buyers beware! You might notice a few extra gamers hanging around your local Best Buy -- Dell has announced it will sell the Alienware Aurora exclusively through 200 Besy Buy locations as well as the store's website.People are...

Dell Goes More Seriously after Gamers

Surprising to some, but Dell is abandoning several of its most popular models to focus on its premium line of specialty gaming personal computers. Not too surprising to some, Dell had to do something to juice up its chances...

HP Using Voodoo (No, Not in the Leak Probe)

Not to be outdone by Dell's deal with Alienware (and not to be confused with the Congressional hearing (aka "HP FUD" -- Fear Uncertaincy and Doubt) now going on, Hewlett-Packard plans to buy niche PC manufacturer Voodoo Computers. Voodoo makes cool looking, high-end...

Get A (Digital)Life: Yes, Next Week I Will

Celebrating all things digital, more than 40 companies will showcase the latest HD-DVDs, high-performance gaming devices, digital cameras, movie download services, ultimate mobile workstations, iPod accessories, universal remote controls and digital music keyboards at DigitalLife in New York at the...

Dell Buys Alienware: Am I Seeing Correctly?

Dell buys Alienware -- is this a headline you'd ever think you'd see?Dell -- all about supply chain economy (pay me and we will build it for you) -- and Alienware -- priceless (relatively) high-end PC gaming systems. Is this...
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