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Why Not Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin or Somebody Else?

You know, we've had many long talks at home about what band we would have chosen for the first dedicated Guitar Hero offering.Now many out there are probably very satisfied with the choice that was made, I imagine many of...

TiVo cuts off American Idol Finale

American Idol fans that didn't watch the finale live are shocked to learn their TIVos didn't record the last 6 minutes of last night's American Idol finale. The finale ran a bit long - 10 minutes according to my calculation,...

American Idol Banned!

Sundance HeadSabrina SloanChris Daughtry - Season 5American Idol will soon be banned from being recorded on my Tivo forever - or at least until America gets her act together. Last night, the American Idol elimination round just set me over...

American Idol Text Votes

Tonight's American Idol finale comes down to two final contestants after whittling away all the American Idol wannabes and pretenders. America will be texting their votes or dialing to show they have the "McPheever" for Katharine or that they're members...
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